setting and achieving your goals

Goal Hacking

This blog is for all people who  set goals, only to let them fall by the wayside within a very short period. Of course, you know that this part only makes you feel unhappy, unmotivated, and  like a downright  failure. There are a number of reasons why you aren’t able to reach your goals and […]

Christmas Lights

Holiday Eating With Humour

Have you noticed all the ads for weight loss facilities and services.They are gearing you up for a January full of denial. Already! Really?, we are just starting to not want to scream because the Christmas music is on full blast after Halloween and American Thanksgiving. Now that Canada has adopted “ Black Friday” we […]

Happy for No Reason

Happy for No Reason

When was the last time you were happy for no reason? You just woke up and felt great. You looked forward to the day and sang through your morning routine, eagerly anticipating what great things you were going to accomplish during the day. You chose your clothes carefully, making sure your selection makes you look as good […]

Hard Work is Sometimes Not Enough When It Comes To Leadership.

Leadership Is Hard Work at the Beginning!

Janet was working over 60 hours per week and when she wasn’t working, she was thinking about work, specifically, what she didn’t get accomplished. Janet had always wanted a leadership role and had studied hard, sacrificed valuable time with her husband and family and worked her butt off to achieve the promotion and now she […]

You get What you Give

MindSet – Could You Use a Reset?

I have been in the mindset business of coaching & personal change  for more years than I think I am comfortable sharing. I still love it and I enjoy working in this exciting field every day. I am sure I can hear a collective groan from all you managers that think about staff issues you […]

Google+ – Here we come

  I have worked on understanding Google Plus over the last several days. I know this will be a big one. Just for the record, I also predicted the value of Linked in and have been an early adopter.  Join me on google plus and we will learn together.     Tweet

Bad Hire

Great tips for those that use a DIY (do it yourself) method to Hire Great People

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Rules to Hiring Great People – based on Pierre Mornell’s book, 45 Effective Ways for Hiring Smart.   Rule number one is clear and supremely counterintuitive: Don’t ever, ever hire somebody just like yourself. Why is that so hard? And what has happened to executives and companies that did that? As management […]

91% of Business Owners Could See Higher Revenue Using a Strategic Plan

See on – Small Business is Big Business The Alternative Board (TAB), the world’s largest franchise provider of peer advisory boards and business coaching services, released the results of its quarterly, third-party Small Business Pulse Survey today – and the results are surprising. Although 76% of respondents say they believe having a written strategic plan […]

Three Words That Can Transform Your Leadership

See on – Mastermind Group “I trust you.”   When it comes to building trust in relationships, someone has to make the first move. One person has to be willing to step out, be a little vulnerable, and place trust in another person. Is it risky? Yes! Without risk there isn’t a need for […]

5 Ways to Use Google+ Events for Your Business

See on – Small Business is Big Business Google+ Events: Here’s everything you need to know about Google+ Events. You’ll also discover how to use Google+ Events with Google+ Hangouts for a live newsfeed delivery system. See on Tweet

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